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OMEA Professional Development Conference Recordings

Here are the recordings of the Symphonic Band and String Orchestra playing at the the OMEA Professional Development Conference this January:

Download Everything (zip)

  1. Transcendent JourneyDownload (mp3)
    By Rossano Gallante

  2. March from “1941″Download (mp3)
    By John Williams

  3. Overture to “Candide”Download (mp3)
    By Leonard Bernstein

  4. Northwest PassageDownload (mp3)
    By James Curnow

  5. The SinfoniansDownload (mp3)
    By Clifton Williams

  6. I. Hoe Down – Fifth Suite for BandDownload (mp3)
    By Alfred Reed

  7. II. Yamabushi Kagura – Fifth Suite for BandDownload (mp3)
    By Alfred Reed

  8. IV. Hora – Fifth Suite for BandDownload (mp3)
    By Alfred Reed

  9. American ReelDownload (mp3)
    By Kirt N. Mosier

  10. I. Allegro – Concerto No. 8 in A MinorDownload (mp3)
    By Antonio Vivaldi

  11. Hoe Down from “Rodeo”Download (mp3)
    By Aaron Copland

  12. Norwegian Dance No. 2Download (mp3)
    By Edvard Grieg

  13. I. Jig – St. Paul’s Suite for String OrchestraDownload (mp3)
    By Gustav Holst

  14. Themes From The ModauDownload (mp3)
    By Bedrich Smetana

  15. Der Heyser BulgarDownload (mp3)

OMEA Event Cancellation

Due to the bad weather, the entire OMEA State Orchestra Event in Northeast Ohio at both Brecksville and Lakewood High Schools has been cancelled for this weekend.

Chamber Orchestra Music Recordings

The Chamber Orchestra will be performing the following songs in Cincinnati. Give them a listen!

  • Concerto for 2 Violins in A minor – 1. AllegroDownload (mp3)
    By Antonio Vivaldi

  • Concerto for 2 Violins in A minor – 2. Largo e SpiritosoDownload (mp3)
    By Antonio Vivaldi

  • Concerto for 2 Violins in A minor – 3. AllegroDownload (mp3)
    By Antonio Vivaldi

  • Der Heyser BulgarDownload (mp3)
    Traditional Folk Song
    The Chamber Orchestra will be playing a unique, rearranged version of this Bulgarian folk song. The version you’re listening to is more solo-esque and less tutti-tastic than the version that will be played.

The Chamber Orchestra will also be playing an orchestral rendition of Edvard Grieg’s piano piece, “Norwegian Dance No. 2.” There currently aren’t any professional recordings of the orchestral version, so here’s a video of two elderly folks playing away on the piano instead:

’09-’10 Recordings

The quality of WHS’s instrumental music ensembles was outstanding last year, so last May, Mr. Walczuk had recordings made of the Symphonic Band, Orchestra, and Jazz I. These recordings are now available for listening and downloading on this website. Be sure to leave a comment on what you think!

Download Everything (zip)

Symphonic Band

  • The Circus BeeDownload (mp3)
    By Henry Fillmore

  • Hoe DownDownload (mp3)
    From “Fifth Suite for Band” (International Dances) by Alfred Reed

  • Yamabushi KaguraDownload (mp3)
    From “Fifth Suite for Band” (International Dances) by Alfred Reed

  • HoraDownload (mp3)
    From “Fifth Suite for Band” (International Dances) by Alfred Reed

  • As a Wind From the NorthDownload (mp3)
    By Robert Sheldon


Jazz I

Spring Concert 2010 Videos

Hungarian Dance No. 5 – Brahms

Rodeo “Hoe-Down” – Copland

Water Music Suite in D Major “Hornpipe” – Handel

Credit goes to Pegah Rashidnia for providing the videos.

We encourage those who have recorded performances to consider submitting those recordings. This will allow us to increase the amount of video content on the site. Everybody loves videos.